Honeymoon in the Maldives (part 1)

Just before Christmas we enjoyed our honeymoon in the Maldives. My husband spent hours and hours researching resorts, deals, reviews and ended up taking me on my dream vacation in paradise. The first 5 days we spent at Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru. A perfect place to stay for relaxation, calm and peace. The food was exquisite, the atmosphere wonderful, the staff so charming and sweet and we enjoyed every minute of it, even though the minuets passed by way too fast. We highly recommend this place.

I just got a drone and with my amateur skills and knowing that it was not allowed to fly drones there I still had to take it for a ride and got a few sweet shots. IMG_9827_1.jpg

Our bungalow with a little pier and a gazebo perfect to watch sunsets.IMG_9831.jpgIMG_9829.jpg

With yoga classes on the sunset pier to the left during the sunset and sunrise i even got my excersice done._MG_7667.jpg

Waiting for the sunset._MG_7676_1.jpg

Even though the sunset is beautiful, I often find what happens on the opposite side just as pretty._MG_7688.jpg

Like this rainbow in a pink cloud._MG_7694.jpg

And I love the colors after a sunset._MG_7701.jpg

In our “backyard” with a pool and a jacuzzi. Perfect to “wine-down” with some champs after a day in the sun._MG_7703.jpg

The scenery is just prefect in my eyes. Sand, water, palm trees and Stephen. (Even in black&white its all pretty)_MG_7710_1.jpg_MG_7712.jpg_MG_7718.jpg


Maintanace work on the pier._MG_7724.jpg


Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru from a boat._MG_7732.jpg_MG_7742_1.jpg_MG_7742.jpg


Every afternoon they feed the stingrays who come at that specific time to eat year after year. They are huge and have a very venomous tail so a fish to avoid close contact with but left in peach they are harmless. Also the black fin sharks are everywhere- just something to get used to while swimming in the maldives 😉_MG_7775.jpg_MG_7782.jpg_MG_7798.jpg

Very local weather. While I’m sunbathing I’m watching the island close by in a rain shower._MG_7789.jpg


Perfect color scale._MG_7792.jpg_MG_7797.jpg_MG_7808.jpg_MG_7814.jpg_MG_7818.jpg_MG_7819.jpg_MG_7820.jpg

Perfect for paddle boarding._MG_7846.jpg

Enjoyed a really good couples massage._MG_7873.jpg_MG_7867.jpg_MG_7882.jpg_MG_7949.jpg

An amazing sunset._MG_8000.jpg_MG_8007.jpg_MG_8011.jpg_MG_8014.jpg_MG_8018.jpg

The days flew by, we didn’t even have the time to read a book. _MG_8027.jpg_MG_8030.jpg

Bats also enjoy this environment._MG_8037.jpg_MG_8039.jpg


Alot of the island a very self sufficient with their own gardens with fruits, herbs, berries and their own water supply from watertowers._MG_8063.jpg

Always a place to chill._MG_8064.jpg

We had a good variations of different sunsets. All very pretty._MG_8066.jpg_MG_8073.jpg_MG_8096.jpg_MG_8099.jpg


Best burger Stephen ever had._MG_8176.jpg


Just a little shark. “Not dangerous”._MG_8236.jpg_MG_8249.jpg_MG_8269.jpg_MG_8294.jpg_MG_8291.jpg

Champs in the jacuzzi every evening is a habbit I could get used to._MG_8311.jpg

to be continued……


One thought on “Honeymoon in the Maldives (part 1)

  1. Sååå utrolig fine bilder Kristin:) Gode minner som kan ta dere igjennom vinteren. Klem, Elisabeth

    > 7. jan. 2019 kl. 21:43 skrev Fotografen Kristin : > >


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