Honeymoon in the Maldives (part 2)

We ended our stay at Gili Lankanfushi. An amazing place. I cannot describe the beauty and the comfort of this resort and island. An eco-friendly resort voted #5 best hotel in the world. Unfortunately we just learned that Gili experienced a huge fire only a week ago and is closed for the foreseeable future. But hopefully they will recover and more guest can have the pleasure of experience this perfect island.

My drone was sendt out for å few shots here as well. Our water villa for three days.IMG_9823.jpgIMG_9824.jpg_MG_8350.jpg_MG_8359.jpg_MG_8422.jpg


This island is bigger then Vabbinfaru we visited before and each villa comes with bikes Its easy to get around and no bigger than it would take 5 minutes to bike to the other side of the island._MG_8427.jpg_MG_8441.jpg_MG_8442.jpg_MG_8448.jpg

We experienced more cloudy weather and a few more rain showers at our stay but this place showed us the best time anyways._MG_8458.jpg_MG_8459.jpg_MG_8461.jpg_MG_8467.jpg_MG_8473.jpg_MG_8476.jpg

Two things i Love and they are enjoyed in paradise 😉_MG_8496_1.jpg_MG_8498_1.jpg


The breakfast set up was beyond anything. So delicate and tasty._MG_8564.jpg_MG_8572.jpg_MG_8585.jpg_MG_8589.jpg_MG_8568.jpg


I think I have a photo of this man chilling in every possible place. The chillking!_MG_8592.jpg_MG_8647.jpg

In the background Gili´s Robinson Crusoe water villas that are only accessible with a boat._MG_8652.jpg_MG_8654.jpg_MG_8658.jpg_MG_8683.jpg

Our own water hammock guarded by our house stingray._MG_8698.jpg_MG_8699.jpg_MG_8729.jpg_MG_8739.jpg_MG_8747.jpg

Our departure in the most beautiful sunset._MG_8775.jpg_MG_8779.jpg_MG_8780.jpg_MG_8782.jpg_MG_8783.jpg_MG_8789.jpg_MG_8792.jpg

Malé- the capitol and destination for arrivals and departures. _MG_8343.jpg

Maldives- I LOVE YOU and we will be back!

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